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SPH Student Handbooks

SPH Student Handbooks

The SPH Student Handbooks are static documents which are updated each August. The degree requirements contained in the AY 2018-19 Handbooks are applicable to students matriculating into a degree program during this academic year. Students should consult the SPH website if interested in curriculum revisions adopted during the year.  Such changes will apply to the next year’s entering class.


The Student Handbook contains information that is useful to all students in the School of Public Health throughout their program of study. Students should refer to this handbook whenever they have a question about program requirements, SPH policies or resources, educational and research opportunities and a variety of other things integral to their time here at SPH. The Student Handbook is all-encompassing, and each student will be held responsible for its content and the policies and regulations that apply, regardless of whether the student is informed of these points through other means.

Students are held under the policies outlined in the SPH student handbook based upon their matriculation year. Students have the option to remain under the policies from when they matriculated or they can opt to utilize revised program degree requirements and academic policies and standards. Policy changes per academic year and archived SPH policies and degree requirements per academic year are available via the navigation links to the left of this page.

Information contained in the Student Handbook is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Individual units should be contacted for further information. Courses, faculty assignment, prerequisites, graduation or completion requirements, standards, tuition and fees, and programs may be changed from time to time. Courses are not necessarily offered each semester or each year.

NOTE: All Student Handbooks are in pdf format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download a free version here.


This file contains undergraduate academic policies, procedures, as well as curricular information relevant to students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health. Please note that this handbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the UIC Undergraduate Catalog.

BA in PH Student Handbook 2018-2019


This file contains information about academic policies and procedures relevant to every graduate degree and program listed below. If you are looking for curricular information for a specific graduate degree or program offered, please download the appropriate Curriculum Handbook below.

SPH Academic Policies and procedures Handbook 2018-2019


These files contain curricular information for each graduate degree and certificate program offered in the School of Public Health


Student Handbook Archive

Policy Changes by Year


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