Bachelor of Arts in Public Health

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Curricular Goals and Themes

Curricular Goals and Themes

Overarching Curricular Goals

The overarching goals of the baccalaureate curriculum in public health are to produce citizens who will:

  1. Rise to the challenge of understanding the world in a nuanced way expressing a broad world view and an expansive view of health.
  2. Be informed, attuned, and energized advocates of health accepting individual responsibility to effect positive change.
  3. Demonstrate skill in critical and analytical thinking.
  4. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing with a variety of audiences.
  5. Be sensitive and astute observers.
  6. Commit to being educated consumers of health information.
  7. Apply skills and tools acquired to an array of roles in the realm of employment contributing directly or indirectly to public health.


Curricular Themes 

The themes which will be revisited throughout the curriculum are:

Health as a Moral Endeavor: Exploring the moral importance of health and healthcare considering individual and societal commitments and obligations including the fair use of limited resources.

Health Equity: Having equitable access and the means and resources to attain one’s full life potential.

Life Course Perspective: The cumulative evolutionary, pre-generational, pre-natal, and life events and circumstances that influence health at any one point in time.

One Health [Human-Animal-Environment]: The inextricable relationship among animal, human, and environmental health as determined by, e.g. evolutionary biology, human behavior, and environmental phenomena.

Cultural Relevance: The lens through which life events are experienced and interpreted and through which meaning is ascribed.

Local/Global Impact: Appreciation for the global systems that influence the processes, dynamics, and activities of the world’s populations; health as a multi-faceted state shaped within, e.g., biological, socio-cultural, geographic, economic, and political contexts.

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