Bachelor of Arts in Public Health

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Bachelor of Arts in Public Health Mission

The mission of the baccalaureate program in public health is to engage and enlighten students about matters related to the health of societies locally, nationally, and globally. By systematically examining biological, environmental, cultural, behavioral, historical, economic, and political factors that mitigate health, students in the program will become informed citizens who can consider the public’s health in whatever life roles they assume. For those who go on to careers in medicine, nursing, dentistry and other health related professions, the baccalaureate program in public health builds upon a broad foundation in the biological and behavioral sciences imbued with social ecology and population–based perspectives. Graduates of the program will acquire an array of skills that can be applied to many forms of inquiry, analysis, scientific and moral reasoning, and practice.  At the baccalaureate level, graduates may seek employment in public health as communicable disease investigators, public health educators, program coordinators, environmental specialists, information specialists, and other roles commensurate with their skills. Those wishing to pursue professional careers in the public health arena will be well positioned to continue their studies through matriculation into master’s degree programs in public health (MPH) or the Master of Science degrees in specific public  health disciplines* . Emerging from the program with an informed understanding of public health, graduates will embrace the vision of health equity and social justice.

* e.g. health policy and administration (HPA), epidemiology and biostatistics (Epi-Bio), environmental and occupational health science (EOHS), clinical and translational science (CTS), community health sciences (CHS), etc.

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