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Center for Healthy Work


Join the UIC Center for Healthy Work Journal Club for a discussion around Work as a Social Determinant of Health

When: Monday, October 22nd, 12:00-1:00 PM
Where: UIC School of Public Health,1603 W. Taylor St., Room 1001
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Journal Club Articles:
• Work as an Inclusive Part of Population Health Inequities Research and Prevention by Ahonen, Fujishiro, Cunningham, and Flynn for the American Journal of Public Health
• PODCAST: American Journal of Public Health, March2018, Work as a Social Determinant of Health (available in English and Spanish)

The Center for Healthy Work will review the role of work in public health and in population health research. Work is central to our lives but it does not have the major place in public health it should have. Why is it so? We will be exploring this difficult question in this quarter’s Journal Club.

The UIC Center for Healthy Work is a research and education center established in 2016 to advance the health and well being of workers in Chicago, the state of Illinois, and the nation. Our center is one of six Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health®, funded by NIOSH. The Center's mission is to remove barriers that impact the health of low wage workers in the increasingly contingent workforce. We aim to identify and promote employment programs, practices, and policies that will improve worker and community health locally, across the state, and throughout the nation. To that end we collaborate with community groups, non-profit organizations, employers, and professionals to support jobs that:

  • Pay a living wage
  • Include affordable health insurance
  • Are free from workplace hazards
  • Offer opportunities for advancement
  • Are free from illegal discrimination
  • Include benefits such as paid sick leave, paid vacation, and retirement savings

Learn more about our Center for Healthy Work team by visiting our About the Center page. Additional information can also be found in our 2016-2017 Annual Report on the NIOSH Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health® webpage.

Our first two initiatives are the Greater Lawndale Healthy Work Project and Healthy Communities Through Healthy Work. Find our more about them here:


Get a quick overview of precarious work and why we are working towards creating healthier work conditions by viewing our flyer. Additionally, a glossary of healthy work related terms can be found on our Glossary page.

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